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Catalyst Supports

Activated alumina – Catalyst support


The support is used to produce various types of catalysts, such as catalysts for diesel deep hydrotreating, reforming and hydrogenation, and is developed in the form of activated alumina beads promoted with zirconium, titanium, manganese, sulfate ion or fluorine.


Physical Properties
Parameter Standard
Bulk density, g/cm³ 0.6-0.7
Particle size*, mm 4.5±0.5
Strength factor, kg/mm, average 1.0-1.3
Surface area, m²/g 250-330
Total pore volume, cm³/g 0.65-0.80
Mean pore size А° 40-58

After consultation with the customer, supports of various shape (tri-lobe or cylinder) and bead size 1.2-3.0 mm are available.