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Pilot plants for catalyst testing

Our company has a range of pilot plants (made in Hungary) for pilot testing of catalysts. Many years’ experience of catalyst pilot testing has demonstrated that the plants perfectly simulate the commercial run; thus both testing of new catalysts and reproduction of process parameters is also possible to obtain unbiased information on catalyst operation using actual feedstock and being customized for specific features of process equipment of particular enterprise. 
The testing is aimed at the following catalytic processes:
Hydrotreating of diesel and vacuum gas oil;
Hydroisomerization of diesel and oils.
Test conditions:
Pressure – up to 10 MPa;
Space velocity – from 0,1 to 100 h-1;
Temperature – up to 530 °C;
Hydrogen carbon ratio - from 100 to 1500 nm/h;
Test time – up to 1000 hours.
Data that can be obtained:
activity, selectivity and stability of the catalyst operation;
complete mass balance of the process;
chemical composition of main and by-products;
complete analysis of the spent catalysts.