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Startup technical assistance

During the startup stage, we offer services for reactor loading using innovating feeding equipment.
By utilizing the special method of loading, we are able to
ensure uniformity of the catalyst bed distribution, 
remove hot spots due to the uniform distribution of the feed stream,
load more catalyst (in 8-10wt%) per volume unit of the reactor,
separate dust from the loaded catalyst particles.
The services involve the following:
Development of loading method and delivery of the customized feeding equipment;
Technical assistance of the personnel in assembly and disassembly of the feeding equipment and management of loading operations.
JSC Promcatalis will provide recommendations for catalyst sulphiding process and commissioning of the plant.
Upon delivery of catalyst, the detailed sulphiding procedure is submitted to the customer, including the following:
1 .General provisions: stoichiometric calculation of sulphur required for sulphiding
2. Recommendations for catalyst sulphiding using special sulphiding chemicals (liquid polysuifides):
Physical and chemical characteristics of sulphiding chemicals;
List of requirements for sulphiding feed;
Milestones of catalyst system preparation and sulphiding process using the feed and sulfiding chemicals (preparation of the system, pressure testing, catalyst drying);
Wetting of the catalyst before sulphiding;
1st stage of sulphiding;
2nd stage of sulphiding;
Feeding system of the sulphiding chemicals.
Sulphiding of the catalysts loaded into reactor (catalyst package) and commissioning of the plant is performed under technical management and with direct involvement of our specialists.