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Production Divisions

Production Departments:
Shop # 1, for production of:
• Catalyst supports for reforming, hydrogenation, isomerization and hydrotreating;
• Adsorbents and dryers.
Here, the basis of the final product porous structure is set up. Automatic process lines provide the control of process parameters and adjustment of structural characteristics of adsorbents and supports.
Production Divisions
Shop # 2, for production of:
• Hydrotreating catalysts;
• Claus catalysts;
• Environmental catalysts;
• Dryers;
• Adsorbents.
Production Divisions

Shop # 3, for production of:
• Reforming catalysts
• Isomerization catalysts
• Hydrogenation catalysts

Hydrotreating catalysts
Original technologies, advanced equipment and continuous monitoring are key to high-quality products delivering.
Production Divisions
Support Units
The certified analytical laboratory offers a wide range of analysis and testing on catalysts, adsorbents and desiccants.
Production Divisions
Inhouse mechanical repair division, electrical division and instrumentation department provide trouble-free operation of the main production units.
Production Divisions